Toné Jackson is a celebrity published hair and make-up artist who uses his designs and styling to create works of art with each every client he meets. Toné uses his past life experiences to help educate each and every client how to not only take care of the skin they are in but, also how to embrace both inner and outer beauty during every photo shoot. He is a motivator and a model himself and proves that a little bit of confidence and hard work goes a long way. With a background in runway, dance, fitness and theatre  he is a true chameleon and jack of all trades! 

    Toné Jackson has been published countless times for his professional hair and make-up in magazines, book covers, calendars, newspaper, blogs, and art work all around the world. His primary goal is to bring the best version of every client out to help them reach their full potential. Each client is styled to perfection based on the architecture and bone structure of the clients face. He is sure to give you that WOW factor you are looking for!!

 Please take a moment to look below at just a few photos that showcase some of Toné's amazing artistry. 

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