Virginia Rose Fine Art , an 18 year journey brought to life.

Well, we are now just passing week one of being a live fine art company. But, how did it all begin. How does one begin the journey of becoming a fine art photographer. What are the qualities one must posses to make this dream a reality you might ask. In one word, heart. I use my entire heart to help guide me in telling the story.

If what I am photographing was real, how might the subjects be feeling. Are they a hopeless romantic, or a woman scorn by her king? A gentleman who has loved and lost. What pain or joy might they be feeling as they look into the eyes of another? These questions help me guide my models and place them into the story so that the image can tell a distinct story even with just a quick glance. As the photograph is revisited and more time is given to studying the photograph and all it has to offer, a bit of a falling down the rabbit hole effect takes place. You begin to notice things that help tell more of a complex story that maybe at first glance was just background noise before.

For 18 long years, photography has been my oxygen, my outlet and my passion. I have dedicated more than half my life to studying souls if you will. Looking in to the eyes of my subjects and determining how I can use my camera as a tool to help the world see inside the heart and soul of that person even if they are merely translating a character. With only a few moments to warm up to them and knowing only a few details of their backstory, it is imperative to pay attention to the subjects body language. After a few test shots, I can already tell within a few moments what type of art will be possible as my camera begins to flood with images.

If you will let me, I would like to take a moment to share my art through photographs with you through my new live fine art website. This journey has been a long but, joyous adventure for me. Sharing my art with the world by offering limited edition signed collections couldn't make me anymore excited. Please take a moment and visit to view my first of many released collections.

"For my sister"

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